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Hello From The Other Side

Yes, I stole that title from Adele. She’s amazing. So is that song!

Ok, back on point here, why we are all here right? I am assuming if you are here, you kind of might know who I am. Either way, it seems the obligatory first blog post should be an introduction. So if you are interested in learning more about the various sides of me, keep reading.

Black & White Girl Reading Alone

My whole life has been books. Since I was a young girl, I was always the one with a book. I could often be found staying inside, reading rather than doing the kid things. This changed through middle school and high school because it was not the “cool thing”. Though I was never a cool kid in high school, I went to a high school where my graduating class was literally 11 people. Everyone knew everyone. I lost all drive to read truly through these years.


It was not until many years later when I was working as a waitress at restuarant that was near a Books A Million that I rediscovered my love for books. This was at the time that Breaking Dawn was coming out by Stephanie Meyer, and there was so much hype that I just walked in one day and decided I NEEDED to read this series. I picked up all the released books and I was sucked in. Wasn’t everyone? Say what you want, Twilight was the sh… when it came out. You can leave your hate somewhere else, Stephenie Meyer honestly reinvigorated my love for reading, and for that I will be forever grateful. After I devoured this series, I was hooked. I bought every young adult book I could find. I could sit here and list my favorites, but trust me we do not have enough time.

1000 lives

This YA genre obsession segued into a more NA/paranormal obsession when I started reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels, now, this is strange. Mainly because reading those books lead to my Nook suggesting that I should read Fifty Shades of Grey. I had heard mixed things about it, but it was like midnight and I couldn’t sleep, so I figured what the hell?

Cut to 3 hours later, I had finished Fifty Shades of Grey, and I knew I was hooked. Again, say what you want, I know the book is not a masterpiece of writing excellence. I also know that it has issues, but you know what? I don’t read to live in a real world, I read to EXPERIENCE a different world. So, this led me to desperately searching the internet for books similar to Fifty. This leads to me actually becoming who I am today.

All my searching led me to the indie book world. I discovered book blogs, reviewing, and I was done for. Literally. I applied to become a reviewer at a larger book blog and to my surprise, my now BEST FRIEND EVER and I met and she accepted me as a reviewer. I was opened to a whole new world of authors and I was ecstatic. I was stalking to them, interacting with them, and I cannot be underestimated how drastically this inspires me. Then, I became the blogger for this blog, and I was ridiculously obsessed. I was always reading, reading anywhere from 3-10 books a week. Then I signed up to review Jaimie Roberts’ Deviant. And my world changed again.

That may seem like a stretch, but when an avid reader finds their genre it’s like finding a good pair of jeans, it’s life changing. Jaimie Roberts’ dark revenge romance opened my eyes that reading about dark, dangerous antiheroes was amazing! Again, say what you want about a little southern belle reading some of the darkest, smuttiest books ever written, but if the Amish people around me knew that I was reading this smut they would probably think I needed to be saved!

So, here I was, reading, reviewing, blogging, and promoting all for someone else’s blog. Well, I decided with my best friend that we wanted to do our own thing, which led to the creation of #Minxes Love Books (another Jaimie Roberts’ inspired thing). We decided to set out on our own, and we couldn’t be happier. About the same time, we started #Minxes, I began my journey with Booktrope publishing.


Booktrope publishing is a unique company that sort of like crowd publishing. Authors get a team behind them that chose of book managers, editors, cover designers and proofers who all work together to publish their book. I applied to be a book manager in August and was accepted. I was immediately approached by a few authors, and, at first, I thought “oh this is gonna be just like blogging”, I could not have been more wrong, and I am happy for that. It’s so much more, it’s marketing, managing, promoting, be a shoulder to cry on, and many many other hats. I love it. Every single day I find myself with a new challenge or needing to employ a new set of skills. I absolutely love it, and I am so excited to see where this journey takes me.

Now, I guess I could keep going, but this blog post is like 850 words already and I doubt anyone is still reading. I will say this, this does not discuss the side of me being an aspiring author. This will be a process that I will blog A LOT about, so trust me you will get to know Michele Gantz, the writer.


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