Rants and Raves

What Do You Do For A Living?

Recently, I was car shopping with my mother, and the car salesman (who I had issues with besides the following) and I were talking. Somehow we got on to the conversation of what do I do for a living? My immediate answer is that I am a stay at home mom. Or, more accurately, I am “just a stay at home mom.” His immediate reaction was “Oh.” From that point forward I became what felt like less important to him. He no longer seemed to look to me for my opinion when he asked something. Now who knows why this really is, but since this conversation, I have been thinking about my status.


This was almost me… after he rolled his eyes.

First, why should I be classified as “just a stay at home mom”? Even is that is all I do, the just in that statement makes me feel as though I demeaning myself. There is a stigma in this world that a woman who stays home and takes care of the children and the house isn’t as hard working as the parent who works a full-time job. That being said my “typical” day includes waking up 2 hours before my husband who works 40+ hours a week, arranging backpacks and school clothes and then getting a tired sometimes crabby kid onto a school bus. Then I wake my husband, get him ready and off to work. Then I have bills and budgets to maintain, doctors appointments, etc to arrange. Then lunch, dinner, housecleaning and all that. And you know what? I love it. I applaud EVERY single person who has to do all this AND work a full-time job. Yes, I am blessed to be able to stay at home. But. just because I stay at home, it doesn’t mean that I am less than anyone else.


After I had that little rant in my head, I was started thinking even harder. I am not a stay at home mom anymore. I am a mom who works from home. I have a career. I am a book blogger, which I don’t know if anyone besides those who blog have a clue, can be EXTREMELY time consuming. I am a book reviewer, meaning I need to meet reading deadlines. I am a book manager working with Booktrope publishing now as well, managing around 15 books. So between blogging, reviewing, working with authors, scheduling, and all the other hats I wear, I am far from “just a stay at home mom”. And I love every second! I wouldn’t change a moment of any of it!


As I reach what should be the end of this, I realize this blog really has no point, but I do have some concluding thoughts I would like to include.

 A stay at home mother is no less than anyone else.

I am not just a stay at home mom.

I love that I have the ability to stay at home.

 So, to the car salesman and everyone else, take a moment before you react to what someone says. There is nothing wrong with anyone else’s like and you are literally in no position to judge anyone.

Thanks for listening to my little rant!


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